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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need A Custom Website For Business?
   A website is the most important element that helps promote a business online.
   If you want to increase your business’s local visibility, your brand recognition, promote your offers and services…or to
   increase overall sales and revenues, then you absolutely need a good business website.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Custom Website?
   Website development costs depend on your needs and requirements.
   We offer several different sized websites & different functionality that range anywhere from $150 to $3000.
   Whether you want a content website, or a subscriber based website or an E-Commerce website to make sales,
   Zenon Interactive builds them all

Which Is The Best Platform To Create A Custom Website?
   There are many types of platforms and CMS’s (content management systems) for creating a business website,
   but WordPress is by far the most popular platform. It is also the best platform for creating a completely customized
   website that allows you to easily manage yourself and it already has outstanding SEO built into the platform.

What is the Best Company To Build A Custom Website in the US?
   Zenon Interactive is a great company to have build you a customized business website. Our websites are built by
   extremely talented developers that provide a fresh, responsive, mobile-friendly, fast, and easy-to-use business
   website that allow you to edit the content, pictures, videos yourself.

   We know there’s a lot to know about your specific website needs. 

   Contact Us to discuss them all, so that you’re comfortable in knowing that Zenon Interactive can deliver your vision.