Delivery Policy

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delivery policy



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Kindly read the following delivery policy carefully, and only make transactions or buy our services once you agree to our delivery policy.

Once we receive a receipt of your order, the suitable services will be provided to you in accordance with the necessary terms that are applicable to the specific service that you have purchased. Also the nature of the services that you have purchased and the date and time of your purchase may impact the timing of performance of the services you have purchased as well as the timing of the delivery of the purchased service.

The delivery of all of our service varies on the date you purchase them and the criteria of requirements according to which you require our services to be performed. So you will be informed about the delivery timing of the service you purchase after we receive your purchase receipt or confirmed order according to the requirements mentioned above. The service you purchase will be delivered successfully to you accordingly with the performance of the services required.

Once you read our delivery policy and agree to it, only then confirm the order of our service required by you. We will be sure to deliver you with the purchased service on the mentioned or requested time in accordance with the service’s successful performance.